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Video – Come on Vacation Leave on Probation – Spring Break on the Suncoast –

Indian Shores Beach Police: Come on Vacation, Leave on Probation

Several colleges and universities have spring breaks that overlap this year. The University of Tampa, University of South Florida, and St. Petersburg College all are on Spring Break on the Suncoast at the same time. There are also students arriving in the Tampa Bay area from all over the country.

“seemingly minor charges can result in a 
permanent criminal record”


Come on Vacation Leave on Probation


Police are stepping up enforcement efforts while all the students are here. Many of the beach roads have very low-speed limits and strict enforcement. The police will be especially strict with all traffic laws, including speed limits. There has been a video that has been produced to put the word out that police will have a zero-tolerance policy towards some students’ activities. Do not Come on Vacation Leave on Probation. Most counties will be looking for underage drinkers and arresting them.

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Here is a story about the types of tactics and criminal charges that police and prosecutors will use. As we previously reported, a “non-discretionary “zero tolerance” policy to encountering and arresting Spring Break visitors. Police are using fairly vague and discretionary charges, such as Disorderly Conduct Florida Statute 877.03. These seemingly minor charges can result in a permanent criminal record. “