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DUI2GO.com wants to help you with your DUI defense. So call 813.222.2220 and speak to an expert during this difficult time. When you see the flashing lights or hear the siren blaring everything in your life changes. First, your heart begins to race. Then you feel flush as your blood pressure rises. Finally, every muscle tightens because this is just the beginning of the stress of getting a DUI in Florida.

The True Cost Of A DUI Charge

A DUI can cost you jobs, opportunities, and money. Many people look at a DUI as a character flaw. A DUI charge is a criminal offense. Most commercial drivers cannot have a DUI. Any DUI convictions deny you the privilege of driving. This makes getting to and from work difficult. Many companies fire employees convicted of any crime. Auto insurance premiums increase. Some professional licensing agencies revoke licenses or initiate penalties. Even going to college may be affected. Most college applications ask about criminal convictions. All federal financial aid applications ask about criminal convictions. So choosing the best DUI defense is important.

1st Time DUI Defense
With your 1st charge of DUI, you may feel overwhelmed.

Underage DUI Defense
There is zero tolerance for underage drivers.
Save My License
After the arrest, you have a 10 Day count-down to challenge!
DUI While Visiting Florida
If Florida is not your home, you may have special needs.
DUI Defense On Drugs
You were taking illegal drugs or prescribed medications.
Commercial DUI Defense
Your livelihood is at stake get Expert Commercial DUI Defense
Breath Test Refusal DUI Defense
You refused your breathalyzer test. Now what?
Breath Test Results Over 0.08
Even with over the 0.08 legal limit you can still fight.

2nd Time DUI or More
This isn’t your first rodeo. You need special help now.

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Review Casey Ebsary Calm and Collected

A friend of mine got a DUI in Tampa Florida not too long and hired the law office of Casey Ebsary. Upon hearing his story he sounded really scared and nervous as to what (more…)

M.B. “Calm and Collected” [sic]

Review Attorney Ebsary Got All Three Charges Dismissed
Casey’s strong arguments during the hearing made all the difference and all three of my charges were dismissed. Casey is not only a very gifted lawyer but is also clearly in the


C.B. “All Three … Charges … Dismissed”