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Where to Attend DUI School in Hillsborough County / Tampa, Florida

DUI School in Hillsborough County / Tampa Florida
DUI School in Hillsborough County / Tampa Florida

Where to attend DUI School?

Enrollees must register for DUI School in the county where they live, work, or attend school, unless an exception has been granted.

Enrollment may be done on the Internet, in person at the DUI School, or via mail-in registration.

For enrollment please present proof of positive identification (a picture ID is required such as a Driver License, Florida ID Card, work ID or Military ID).

A readable copy of the DUI arrest affidavit or traffic crash report. results of breath test and/or urine or blood test, and an original lifetime driving record are necessary for the evaluation.

The lifetime driving record is required for the state where you last held a driver license.

Here is a link to the official Hillsborough County Florida DUI School website.


Here are a few more frequently asked questions / FAQ

1st Time DUI, Underage DUI

University of South Florida DUI – USF DUI


University of South Florida DUI

College Students

Driving Under The Influence

At the University of South Florida, DUI conviction can have impacts beyond just staying on your driving record for the next 10 years. In addition, you can lose student financial aid including Bright Futures benefits. DUI Attorney  W.F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr. explains University of South Florida Police (USFPD) have conducted DUI checkpoints / DUI saturation patrols since 2006. The USFPD has 43 officers. The USFPD patrol all of the campus and the areas surrounding the campus. Because the University of South Florida DUI cases have a payoff – awards. Furthermore, one DUI contest got the agency a fully loaded Chevrolet Tahoe.
Source: tampabay.com/news/education/college/crime-down-arrests-up-at-usf

University of South Florida DUI Police Enforcement
University of South Florida DUI Police Enforcement

Dui Defense Attorney Casey Ebsary, also notes that USF Police Department conduct Saturation Patrols on and around the Tampa, Florida campus. Another press release warned, “The University of South Florida Police Department will conduct DUI Saturation Patrols within our community on January 13, 2012.  This patrol will begin at 2:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 a.m.”

Read about the consequences of a DUI for a driver under 21 years old.

As a result, DUI enforcement by “USF Police Officers . . . use this DUI Saturation Patrol to identify impaired drivers in an effort to keep our streets safe.  Impaired drivers . . . will face arrest and prosecution.” Students caught likely will face driver’s license suspension and criminal prosecution. In addition, these students will face action by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Some issues in the Student Code of Conduct raised by a University of South Florida DUI are below.

Student Code of Conduct

  • “The conduct process may be initiated against a student charged with conduct that potentially violates both the criminal law and/or the Student Code of Conduct.”
  • “Students are responsible for compliance with all public laws.”
  • “Misuse or Possession of Illegal Drugs.”
  • “Misuse of Alcohol.”

A sample of Prior University of South Florida DUI Checkpoint

Sobriety Checkpoint on the USF Campus
Sobriety Checkpoint on the USF Campus

We uncovered a report of a DUI Checkpoint Roadblock on the Tampa Campus. It is “USF Police to Conduct Sobriety Checkpoint.” The University of South Florida Police Department will host a Sobriety Checkpoint on Campus on May 15, 2013, beginning at 11:00 pm. . . . [This is ] followed by a four-hour saturation patrol. During this time, USF Police Officers will seek . . . impaired drivers in an effort to keep our streets safe. So impaired drivers . . . will face arrest and prosecution. Furthermore, this operation is part of a comprehensive, collaborative approach to traffic safety by the USF Police Department. Finally, the USF Police Department has primary jurisdiction on and about property owned or controlled by the University of South Florida.

Aggressive Campus Cops

Someone needs to tell DUI Officer Michael Tinney about their primary jurisdiction. We have yet to defend a single DUI arrest, he made on campus. The USF Police Department awarded Officer Tinney Officer of the Year and DUI Enforcement Officer of the Year for 2012. He also received an award from Hillsborough County Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for his DUI Enforcement in 2012. Officer Tinney actively participates in all enforcement campaigns and leads the DUI Checkpoints for his squad.”  He is a DUI arrest award winner in the campus police department’s DUI arrest contest.

 Here is a downloadable copy of the USF DUI Checkpoint Announcement.

University of South Florida DUI – USF  News

Designated Driver Study

Designated drivers not so sober
Designated drivers not so sober

“When it comes to going out and drinking with friends, most students are capable of securing a designated driver. But according to a USF study, most of these students are putting their lives in the hands of ‘less drunk’ rather than ‘sober’ drivers.”
And “A group of public relations students, led by assistant professor Kelly Werder, conducted surveys and focus-group research for the Tampa Alcohol Coalition and found most USF students think a DUI has the same consequential impact as a speeding ticket.”   By Elise Bouchard of the USF Oracle

Another DUI Checkpoint Report

USF DUI Checkpoint

Casey Ebsary, a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, received a tip that there will be a DUI checkpoint on campus this weekend, July 8. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and the University of South Florida USF Police Department will conduct the sting and it will apparently be on campus. Most noteworthy these checkpoints are usually posted on the Sheriff’s website, but this one was not. Recently, we obtained a police manual for these types of checkpoints.

Source: http://brandon.patch.com/articles/dui-busting-aim-of-heightened-usf-hcso-patrols

DUI Checkpoint Video for iPhone

Previous Coverage Of State University Campus DUI

DUI Means Expulsion from the University

Got DUI – Get Expelled: “UF looks beyond campus for DUI cases – They may try to hide it from Mom and Dad, but University of Florida (UF) students caught driving drunk in Alachua County won’t be able to hide it from UF administrators. This month, UF began regularly monitoring off-campus DUI convictions. Students convicted of DUI in the county won’t just face criminal courts, they will go before UF’s Office of Student Judicial Affairs, where they could face suspension or expulsion.
Student Judicial Affairs already hears between 30 and 40 on-campus DUI cases each year. But that number will likely go up now that UF is looking beyond its borders, said Eugene Zdziarski, UF’s dean of students. First-time offenders in the system are typically suspended from school for a year, Zdziarski said. Repeat offenders, however, can face expulsion, he said.”

Campus of University of South Florida DUI Arrests on the Rise

“More than twice as many students were arrested for drunken driving on campus in 2005 than in 2004 because of University Police Department’s new chief and UF President Bernie Machen’s alcohol policies, University Police spokesman Lt. Joe Sharkey said. There were 111 arrests for DUIs on campus in 2005, 44 arrests in 2004 and 56 arrests in 2003, according to University Police Department crime statistics. “
DUI University of South Florida
1st Time DUI, 2nd Time DUI Or More

Story of a Typical Tampa DUI Traffic Stop

The Story of a Typical DWI / DUI Traffic Stop

Story of a Typical Florida DUI Traffic Stop

Imagine a visit to the Tampa Bay area, on a Florida vacation. There is a dui traffic stop or a minor accident and the cop smells alcohol and asks you to step from the car. The cop often innocently asks if the driver needs directions. More questioning will follow as to where you came from and where you were going. A series of “tests” designed to be recorded and to make drivers look at the very least silly usually follows.



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What happens to me after a DUI arrest?

How do I get out of jail after a DUI Arrest?

What happened to my car?

How do I get my Driver’s License back after a DUI charge?

How do I get a copy of the Police Reports?

What happens to me after a DUI arrest?

What happens to me after a DUI arrest?

Failure of Roadside “Tests”

Upon your imminent “failure” of this field or roadside sobriety tests you are part of a DUI Traffic Stop. The cop who stopped you may call a “DUI specialist” to the scene of the traffic stop. Then an officer will take you and the video to the county jail. Then at the jail, an officer asks you to submit to a breath test.

Loss of Privilege

If you don’t comply with the request, the officer seizes your driver’s license and the law suspends your driver’s license immediately or in as little as 10 days. A national data-sharing system shares this event with all 50 states. Your insurance company, an employer, a potential landlord, a potential employer will now have easy access to this alcohol-related traffic stop.

Recording of “Test”

Some Florida counties also produce a video at the jail at or near the time of the breath test. Hernando County, Florida is one such county. Hillsborough County Florida sometimes records the performance of field sobriety test in a room at the jail. The police will sometimes record the request ( in Florida, an Implied Consent warning ) and refusal to take a breath test on video.

DWI Defense or DUI Defense under the strict Florida law can be quite challenging. Often the police are the main and only witnesses. Licenses authorities, prosecutors, and judges will have access to a video of your driving and your field sobriety tests.
Under Florida public records law, the media can obtain copies of all reports, including this video.

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How do I get out of jail for a DUI Arrest?

How Do I Get Out of Jail After a DUI Arrest?

If the result is over .08, then the jail is required to hold the driver until a second breath test is less than .08. This is true even though bond has been posted. Upon release from jail, drivers wonder, what happened to my car? Cops usually will rummage through the vehicle seeking cash, contraband (usually drugs or weapons or open containers of alcoholic beverages). A tow truck is generally called to the scene and the vehicle is impounded.

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What happened to my car?

What Happened To My Car After My DUI Arrest?

Getting the vehicle back can be quite a challenge. Once you figure out who took your car and where it went, these operators require a photo ID. This is tough since the cops took your license in their efforts to suspend your license.

You must confront the scientific evidence from the breath test and/or the blood tests. Damaging evidence against you may include the breath test, the blood tests, officer’s testimony, and Standard Field Sobriety tests.

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How do I get my Driver’s License back?

How do I get my Driver's License back after a DUI arrest?

Business Purposes License

If you have no prior DUI charges, then you may be eligible for a business purposes only restricted driver’s license. You can waive any challenges to the traffic stop, the alleged refusal to submit to a breath test, or having a breath result of over .08 at the time of the alleged driving. This waiver permit costs around $500. You pay directly Alcohol Traffic Education, the Bureau of Administrative Reviews, and the Division of Drivers Licenses directly. The disadvantage of a business purposes only restricted driver’s license is a permanent entry on your driving record. The entry lists the traffic stop, the refusal, and a breath result over .08.

Hardship License

Another option, usually with the help of a Tampa DUI Lawyer, is to have your attorney request an administrative hearing (with or without witnesses ). You have 10 calendar days from the DUI traffic stop to pay a filing fee and request a hearing. The hearing may be set within 30 days. Your DUI ticket says if you are eligible for a 42-day hardship license. You may challenge the facts and validity of the DUI arrest and the DUI traffic stop under the Florida Law.

Standards For Suspension

The arresting officer sought the suspension of your driver’s license on the date of the DUI stop. The hearing officer uses the standards of the Florida Administrative Code. The hearing officer uses a checklist from that code to validate the suspension of your driver’s license. The checklist covers a few technical requirements surrounding the DUI traffic stop. It also covers the refusal to submit to a DUI breath test. Further, it covers the evidence of a valid DUI breath test over .08 on the Intoxilyzer 8000 breath machine.

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How Do I Get a Copy of My DUI Arrest Police Reports?

How Do I Get a Copy of the Police Reports of My DUI Arrest?

A competent DUI Defense Attorney can file proper legal requests meeting all deadlines. These force the state to provide all information they intend to use against the driver. Some Florida DUI Lawyers have knowledge of the highly technical issues covered in this article and can establish your defense against DUI charges. In Florida, DUI is a serious charge. A conviction usually results in a nearly permanent entry on your driving record, even if you do not have a Florida driver’s license. You cannot seal or expunge the record of this conviction to prevent others from uncovering this event in your life. You need a serious defense. A Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer in the Tampa Bay Florida area, can be your attorney and defend you against drunk driving charges and other traffic offenses. A DUI / DWI lawyer to defend against this charge is available right now. Please call 813-222-2220.

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1st Time DUI, Commercial DUI, Underage DUI

First-Time DUI Diversion

Why Start New First-Time DUI Diversion (RIDR)?

New First-Time DUI DiversionHillsborough County has consistently been ranked the worst or near the worst in Florida for DUI crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Given the dangers of impaired driving and the importance of reducing recidivism to promote long-term Community safety, the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office has established the reducing impaired driving recidivism initiative. The program seeks to aggressively target and reduce impaired driving by imposing enhanced sanctions like alcohol monitoring devices and DUI education programs on first-time, non-aggravated DUI offenders. This First-Time DUI Diversion program also promotes consistency in the prosecution of DUI cases by eliminating the incentive for offenders to refuse to provide a breath sample during the investigation.

Who Is Eligible for First-Time DUI Diversion Program?

To be eligible for the First-Time DUI Diversion program, first, the case must be a misdemeanor DUI. There can be no children in the vehicle. Also, the breath alcohol concentration must be below .200% and there cannot have been a crash. Additionally, there cannot be a prior DUI alcohol-related reckless driving, driving while license suspended with serious bodily injury or death, leaving the scene of an accident with injury or death, or vehicular homicide charges in the driver’s past. Finally, there cannot have been a prior DUI diversion program, more than one non-DUI diversion program as an adult, or in the five years prior to the date of offense the driver cannot have had a prior adjudication withhold or any portion of a sentence on a felony.

What Is The Process For Selecting Cases In This DUI Diversion Program?

The state attorney’s office will evaluate all cases on an individual fact-specific basis. The state attorney’s office solely determines the individual’s eligibility for the RIDR First-Time DUI Diversion Program. There will be three sanction levels for eligible cases. Level one cases will have a breath level below .15%. Next, Level two will have breath alcohol levels above .15% but less than .20% or there has been a refusal to provide. Last, Level 3 will be for drug-related DUIs.

Why Would Someone Want To Accept A Plea Offer Under The New DUI Program?

Mainly the driver will be offered a reduced charge of reckless driving and withhold adjudication. There will be 12 months probation. Individual must pay standard court costs and cost of supervision. They will have their vehicle immobilized for 10 days. The first-time DUI offender cannot possess or consume alcohol, illegal drugs, or non prescribed drugs during that 12 month period. Also, the offender must successfully complete the DUI school and any recommended treatment.
1st Time DUI, Breath Test Over 08

Reducing Impaired Driving Recidivism – Established DUI Diversion

DUI Diversion Program

Established DUI Diversion Programs
Established DUI Diversion Programs in 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th Circuit Courts

The Office of the State Attorney, 13th Judicial Circuit just developed their own DUI Diversion Program. Therefore, we will look at some of Florida’s already established DUI diversion programs. The 8th, 9th, 11th & 15th Circuit Courts all use DUI Diversion for a driver’s first DUI charge. Furthermore, each Circuit Court has different admission rules and distinct program requirements. Update: This Hillsborough County program started March 1, 2018. You can read about what the state’s attorney is looking for, what you might need to know, who is eligible and why you might want to be a part of this program.

Admission Requirements Are Confusing

First of all, some of the confusion of this process is shown below. Since each county has developed their program independently, the demands on the DUI driver differ. Therefore for help, call (813) 222-2220. In Orange and Osceola Counties, only legal U.S. residents can join the DUI Diversion Program. As a result, a tourist, a foreign national or someone on an F1 student visa charged with a DUI could never enter the DUI Diversion program in the Ninth Circuit Court. In Miami-Dade County, there is no upper limit on your breath alcohol concentration (BAC) to make you ineligible. But that same county requires that you sign a statement of guilt before entering. Three of the Circuit Courts (8th, 11th, and 15th) will refuse your admission if a child or animal was with you in the vehicle at the time of the charge. Another difference is that only the 8th Circuit Court will use drunken aggression as a reason to deny your access to the program.


Admission Qualifications of Established DUI Diversion Programs in Florida By County