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DUI Attorney Tampa Videos

Tampa Traffic Stop DUI Videos

“an inside look at criminal traffic stops for DUI”

Florida DUI Criminal Defense Attorney presents Traffic Stop DUI videos from inside a patrol car. In this series of DUI videos, narrated by Florida DUI Attorney, W F Casey Ebsary Jr, gives you an inside look at criminal traffic stops for DUI in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida. Casey is a Criminal Trial Lawyer, former Prosecutor, and a Defense Attorney, defending DUI charges for over 10 years.

Tampa Attorney Checkpoint DUI Videos

“we decided to send our team out to take a look”

Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office in Tampa, Florida decided to have a DUI Checkpoint, so we decided to send our team out to take a look DUI videos. They pulled over every fifth car. We witnessed Zero arrests. Tell Us Your Story Toll-Free 1-877-793-9290.

DUI Videos Refusal Of Breath Test

“video of Refusal of a Breath Test after an arrest for DUI”

Tampa DUI Criminal Defense Attorney shows videos of Refusal of a Breath Test after an arrest for DUI, in this 2-minute video. A Hillsborough County Florida Sheriff’s Deputy administers a Breath Test Warning / Request in a Florida DUI case.

Tampa Florida DUI videos Field Sobriety Tests

“an inside look at field sobriety tests for DUI” 

Florida DUI Criminal Defense Attorney presents Field Sobriety Exercises videos. This production is one of a series of videos, narrated by Florida DUI Attorney, W F Casey Ebsary Jr and gives you an inside look at field sobriety tests for DUI in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida. Casey is a Criminal Trial Lawyer and a former Prosecutor, defending DUI charges for over 20 years
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Tampa Gasparilla Pirate Invasion 2018 | Avoid BUI Charge

Every year hundreds join the Tampa Gasparilla Pirate Invasion by boat. This year, Saturday, January 27 the crew will start its journey at 9:00 a.m. and ends at the Tampa Convention Center at 1:00 p.m. when the crew captures the Mayor. Many people have their own parties alongside the Gasparilla Flotilla. You can avoid a BUI charge by having a designated driver on the boat. If you need an attorney call 813.222.2220

Gasaparilla Is Just For Fun Not For BUI Charge Or DUI Charge

You can learn more about the Florida BUI (Boating Under the Influence) Charge. Here are 16 Tips For Surviving Gasparilla Pirate Fest Invasion. Then you can look at The Official Flotilla and Parade Maps. The parade begins Bayshore Boulevard at Bay to Bay Boulevard at 2:00 p.m. Then the parade ends on Ashley Drive when it reaches Cass Street around 5:30 p.m. You don’t want to forget that the NHL All-Star Weekend is also this weekend in downtown Tampa. That will add to the crowds and may increase parking issues, Special event rates will be in place for parking in public garages and privately operated lots throughout downtown Tampa and around Bayshore Boulevard. Most fill up by 10:30 a.m. If you made a bad decision or got confused with someone who did call an expert attorney call 813.222.2220


Video – Come on Vacation Leave on Probation – Spring Break on the Suncoast –

Several colleges and universities have spring breaks that overlap this year. Not only are the universities of Tampa, South Florida, and St. Pete College all on Spring Break on the Suncoast at the same time, there are students arriving to the Tampa Bay area from all over the country.

“seemingly minor charges can result in a 
permanent criminal record”

Come on Vacation Leave on Probation

Police are stepping up enforcement efforts while all the students are here. Many of the roads on the beaches have very low speed limits and expect strict enforcement of all traffic laws, including  speed limits. Here is a video that has been produced to put the word out that police will have a zero tolerance policy towards  some interesting activities that  students may be inclined to try. Do not Come on Vacation Leave on Probation.
 . Previous Tampa Bay Area Spring Break Story follows

Previous Tampa Bay Area Spring Break Story

Here is a story about the types of tactics and criminal charges that police and prosecutors will use. As we previously reported, a “non-discretionary “zero tolerance” policy to encountering and arresting Spring Break visitors. Police are using fairly vague and discretionary charges, such as Disorderly Conduct Florida Statute 877.03. These seemingly minor charges can result in a permanent criminal record. ” 

A Free Ride For You or a Friend – Avoid DUI

A Free Ride For You or a Friend – Avoid a DUI. Download this to your phone, print it, and share it with all you friends and family.

DUI Take a Cab or a Tow Truck Call (855) 2-TOW-2-GO
Free Ride for 2 People
No Advance Reservations Allowed
Offer Valid Dec 24 to Jan 1

Recently the Florida Highway Patrol reported that 33.5 percent of fatalities in car crashes were alcohol related. There are programs designed to prevent folks who’ve had a little too much holiday cheer from getting behind the wheel are helping the statistics drop. The American Automobile Association AAA dispatches tow trucks to take tipsy car owners and their vehicles home, free of charge. The service allows bar and restaurant managers to use cabbies as designated drivers from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. In one three year period, more than 2,500 drunken drivers have remained off the road.
The Florida Highway Patrol Preliminary Fatality Report revealed that there were 37 deaths in some 29 crashes over the Thanksgiving weekend, three of which were alcohol related. “Along with the combination of enforcement and education, the programs certainly do have an impact,” said Lt. David Folsom, who supervises TPD’s traffic unit. Both initiatives run through New Year’s Day.” 

To Drive or not to Drive . . .

“The penalties for DUI in the state of Florida can cost as much as $5,000 on the first offense, according to local law-enforcement officials. Offenders face revoked licenses, criminal records, community service, increased insurance rates, probation, fines and possible imprisonment.Still, bar patrons say more leniency from the law and property owners is needed if they want them do the right thing and avoid driving home drunk.Still, the towing costs for a DUI are higher — financially and emotionally — than for requesting a tow, Overstreet said.”They can look at it as they are still getting screwed, but when you compare the cost of a DUI arrest, that’s pretty cheap,” he said. “It’s much worse if you get in an accident and hurt or kill somebody. You’re looking at spending the next 15 years in prison.”


DUI Attorney Tampa

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DUI Attorney Tampa
DUI Attorney Tampa

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