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A night out at the Gulf Boulevard Beaches turned into an unexpected turn of events. Perhaps you enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere of Pinellas County a bit too much, and now you’re facing DUI charges. It’s a daunting situation, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr., a seasoned DUI defense attorney, is here to stand by your side and fight for your rights.
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Understanding the Stakes: Pinellas Beaches DUI Charges

Driving under the influence is a serious offense in Florida, and the consequences can be life-altering. From potential jail time to hefty fines and the long-term impact on your personal and professional life, the aftermath of a DUI arrest is complex. In Pinellas County, the Gulf Boulevard Beaches area sees its fair share of DUI incidents due to its bustling nightlife. Law enforcement agencies are vigilant, employing various tactics to identify and apprehend individuals suspected of driving under the influence. The Pinellas County Sheriff plays a pivotal role in upholding the law, extending their enforcement efforts beyond major cities to encompass small towns throughout the county. Many beach communities have a contract with the Sheriff to enforce laws on the beaches and in the waters around the county. The Sheriff’s Office ensures a consistent and vigilant presence in these communities.

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Why Choose W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. as Your Pinellas Beaches DUI Defense Attorney?

  • Proven Expertise in DUI Defense: W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a focus on DUI defense, he has successfully represented numerous clients facing similar charges. His in-depth knowledge of Florida DUI laws, combined with a strategic approach, has led to favorable outcomes for many.
  • Personalized Legal Strategy: No two DUI cases are identical. W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. understands the importance of a personalized legal strategy tailored to the specifics of your case. Whether challenging the evidence, questioning the legality of the traffic stop, or exploring other defenses, he meticulously crafts a defense that aligns with your unique circumstances.
  • Responsive and Supportive Legal Representation: Facing DUI charges can be overwhelming. W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. is not just an attorney; he’s a supportive ally throughout the legal process. He understands the challenges you’re facing and provides clear communication, ensuring you are informed and empowered every step of the way.
  • Proactive Approach to DUI Defense: Time is of the essence in DUI cases. Casey the Lawyer takes a proactive approach, swiftly addressing crucial aspects such as driver’s license suspension and initiating necessary legal proceedings. Acting promptly is key to building a robust defense.

Act Now: Secure Your Defense with W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr.

Time is of the essence in DUI cases. Don’t delay; take control of your defense now. Contact Casey at 813-222-2220 for a free consultation. Whether you’re in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or elsewhere in Pinellas County, he is ready to fight for your rights and guide you through the legal process.

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Understanding DUI Laws in Pinellas County

Pinellas County, situated on Florida’s east coast, is known for its beautiful Gulf Boulevard Beaches and vibrant nightlife. However, this lively atmosphere also means an increased risk of encountering drunk drivers on the roads. Law enforcement agencies in Pinellas County employ various tactics to identify and apprehend individuals under the influence, making DUI charges a prevalent issue.

Definition of DUI in Pinellas County

According to Florida Statutes Annotated § 316.193, a person can be considered under the influence if they are driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol to the point where their normal faculties are affected. This includes the ability to see, hear, balance, and talk.

Field Sobriety Tests

In Florida, drivers can be arrested for DUI if they fail a sobriety test. These tests include both physical, like field sobriety tests, and chemical, such as breath or blood analysis. Physical field sobriety tests measure a person’s ability to control their bodily actions, including balance, agility, and reaction time.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limit

Under Florida law, a person with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher on a breath or blood test is considered legally intoxicated. It’s crucial to note that certain factors can influence test results, and a skilled attorney can use these as a strong defense.

Zero Tolerance for Juveniles

Juveniles in Florida can face zero tolerance DUI charges if they have a blood alcohol level of more than 0.02. The penalties for underage DUI include a six-month driver’s license suspension for the first offense.

Actual Physical Control in DUI Cases

One of the complex aspects of DUI cases in Florida is the concept of “actual physical control.” Even if the vehicle is not running, a person can be arrested for DUI if they are intoxicated and sitting in the driver’s seat with the keys in their pocket. This highlights the importance of a nuanced defense strategy.

Implied Consent Laws in Pinellas County

When individuals operate a vehicle in Florida, they are deemed to have given their consent to submit to a chemical test during a DUI stop. This is considered an implied consent law under Florida Statutes Annotated § 316.1932. While drivers have the right to refuse chemical testing, doing so can result in harsh penalties, including automatic license suspension.

License Suspension Process

After a DUI arrest, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles initiates an order to suspend the driver’s license, according to Florida Statute Section 322.2615. This means that, even before the court date, the individual may face a suspension. Drivers have the right to request an informal or formal review hearing within 10 days after an arrest, providing an opportunity to present evidence and witnesses.

Automatic License Suspension & St. Petersburg DUI Arrests

It’s important to note that being arrested for DUI doesn’t automatically mean being charged. The District Attorney may choose to drop the charges if there is insufficient evidence. However, failing or refusing DUI chemical testing can lead to an automatic administrative license suspension. The duration of the suspension varies based on whether the driver failed or refused testing.

DUI Penalties in Pinellas County

The penalties for DUI offenses in Florida are diverse and depend on several factors, including the driver’s criminal history. A first DUI offense is typically a second-degree misdemeanor, while a third DUI offense within 10 years of the last conviction is considered a third-degree felony. Penalties may include fines, incarceration, license suspension, DUI courses, community service, ignition interlock device installation, and more.

Potential DUI Defenses

DUI charges are unique to each driver’s situation, and effective defenses can vary. It’s crucial to work with a DUI defense attorney who understands the possible defenses and can tailor them to your case. Some potential DUI defenses include challenging the notion of being in actual physical control, questioning the probable cause for the traffic stop, examining Miranda Rights violations, disputing implied consent warnings, challenging the officer’s interpretation of being under the influence, scrutinizing blood alcohol concentration test results, and exploring issues with the testing process, including calibration and maintenance.

FDOT DUI Enforcement Grant in Pinellas County

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office received a DUI Enforcement grant from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). This grant aimed to fund various DUI enhancement projects throughout Pinellas County, including saturation patrols and other DUI enforcement activities. The grant highlighted the commitment of law enforcement to identifying and addressing DUI incidents in the area.

DUI Arrest Statistics for Pinellas County

Unfortunately, Pinellas County has one of the highest DUI arrest rates in the state. In one year alone, there were over 3,000 reported DUI arrests. These statistics, compiled by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement through the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, reflect the ongoing efforts to combat DUI incidents in Pinellas County.

Beach Towns DUI Arrest Statistics

One city in Pinellas County, reported significant DUI arrest numbers. With nearly 6,000 people arrested, the city faced challenges related to DUI offenses. The arrest rate per 100,000 population was over 5,000, emphasizing the need for robust DUI defense strategies.

Another major city in Pinellas County, witnessed over 10,000 arrests, with nearly 500 of them related to DUI offenses. The arrest rate per 100,000 population was notable, indicating the prevalence of DUI incidents in the area.

Additional DUI Resources in Pinellas County

Navigating the complexities of DUI charges requires access to relevant resources and support. Here are some key resources available in Pinellas County:

Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association (FADAA)

FADAA is an organization representing over 100 community-based substance abuse treatment and prevention agencies in Florida. Their resources provide valuable information on alcohol and drug abuse, offering support to individuals facing DUI charges.

Florida DUI Laws

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides comprehensive information on DUI and Administrative Suspension Laws. This includes a list of licensed DUI programs in Florida, such as the Suncoast Safety Council in Pinellas County.

Level I DUI Program at the Suncoast Safety Council

For individuals required to attend DUI classes, the Suncoast Safety Council offers the Level I DUI program. This program, located in Clearwater and St. Petersburg, involves a twelve-hour course along with an evaluation. Understanding the requirements for enrollment and completion is crucial for those facing DUI charges.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s DUI Unit

The majority of DUI arrests in Pinellas County are made by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. The specialized DUI Unit focuses on using science and other methods to identify drivers under the influence. Understanding the role of this unit is essential for those navigating DUI charges.

Pinellas County Clerk of the Court

All documents and important information related to DUI cases are handled by the Pinellas County Clerk of the Court. This includes obtaining records and making court payments, emphasizing the role of this office in the legal process.

State Attorney for Pinellas County

The State Attorney for Pinellas County serves as the chief prosecutor for the region. Their office, located in Clearwater, plays a crucial role in the prosecution of DUI cases.

Pinellas County Bureau of Administrative Review

The Bureau of Administrative Review, part of the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, handles administrative suspensions. Contesting a suspension by providing evidence is possible through this bureau.

DUI School at the Suncoast Safety Council

For individuals ordered to attend DUI classes, the Suncoast Safety Council provides essential information on registration, requirements, and the content covered in these classes. Knowing how to navigate this aspect of DUI sentencing is crucial for those seeking to reinstate their license.

DUI Arrest Statistics in Florida

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) website offers detailed statistics on DUI arrest data in the state. This information, categorized by jurisdiction, type of offense, and race, provides valuable insights into the prevalence of DUI incidents over the years.

DUI Roadblocks in Pinellas County

Numerous DUI checkpoints and roadblocks are set up in Pinellas County to identify and apprehend drivers under the influence. Victims of roadblocks or checkpoints can seek guidance from legal professionals to understand their rights and options in DUI cases.

Pinellas County Jail

For individuals facing DUI charges, understanding the jail process is essential. The Pinellas County Jail, located at 14400 49th Street North in Clearwater, serves as a facility where individuals may be held. Utilizing the “Who’s in Jail” link can provide information on current detainees.

Florida Highway Patrol

The Florida Highway Patrol plays a crucial role in enforcing traffic laws and responding to DUI incidents.

Driver’s License Offices in Pinellas County

For individuals dealing with license-related issues following a DUI arrest, accessing driver’s license offices is essential. Various locations, including those in Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and other areas, offer services related to driver’s licenses, ID cards, and driving tests.

Finding a DUI Defense Lawyer in Pinellas County, FL

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Whether facing a first DUI offense or dealing with subsequent charges, seeking legal representation is crucial. W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr., an experienced DUI defense lawyer, understands the nuances of DUI laws in Pinellas County.

Contact W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. at (813) 222-2220 for a Free Consultation.

W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. is dedicated to providing strategic and effective DUI defense. With a focus on local procedures and rules, he can navigate the complexities of Pinellas County DUI cases. Whether you’re contesting a license suspension, disputing DUI charges, or exploring potential defenses, having an experienced attorney on your side is crucial.

Exploring Specific DUI Topics

For a more in-depth understanding of specific DUI topics, you can explore the following pages on this website:



Navigating DUI charges in Pinellas County requires a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape, potential defenses, and available resources. W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. brings extensive experience and local knowledge to the forefront, ensuring that clients receive effective representation tailored to their unique situations.

Contact W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. today at (813) 222-2220 for expert DUI defense in Pinellas County.

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This comprehensive guide provides insights into the intricacies of DUI cases, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and take proactive steps in their defense. Understanding the legal process, potential penalties, and available resources is crucial for those facing DUI charges on Pinellas County’s Gulf Beaches.

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1st Time DUI, 2nd Time DUI Or More

What to Do After a DUI Arrest in Hillsborough County, Florida

Seeking Legal Help After a DUI Arrest in Hillsborough County

What happens to me after a DUI arrest?

If you’ve found yourself facing a DUI arrest in Hillsborough County, Florida, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed and unsure of your next steps. In such a challenging situation, it’s crucial to seek expert legal guidance to navigate the complex legal process that follows. One of the most experienced DUI attorneys in the region, W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr., is here to help you every step of the way.

If you’ve been caught for driving after drinking alcohol in Hillsborough County, Florida, it can be a really confusing and scary experience. At times like this, it’s super important to get help from a really smart legal expert who knows the rules and can guide you through the complicated legal stuff.

In Hillsborough County, the place where you live, the rules about this are quite tricky, and it’s easy to make mistakes. That’s why it’s a big deal to have someone who’s really good at this kind of law on your side. One of these experts is W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr., and he’s one of the best around.

Casey isn’t just a regular lawyer; he’s a special kind of lawyer who is really good at helping people who got into trouble for drinking and driving. He’s been doing this for a long time and knows a lot about the rules in Florida, especially for people who drive after drinking alcohol.

When Casey helps you, it’s like having a friendly guide to show you the way through all the complicated rules and make sure you don’t get into more trouble. He’s here to help you and make sure things turn out as good as possible for you.

You don’t have to go through this tough time all alone. Casey and his team are ready to help you, and with their help, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that they will protect your rights and help you have a better future.

Why Choose W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr.?

The first and most vital action you can take is to reach out to DUI Attorney W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr. for a free telephone consultation. You can contact him at (813) 222-2220. By hiring Casey Ebsary, you’ll not only secure expert legal representation but also gain access to a dedicated team ready to defend your rights vigorously.

When confronted with a DUI arrest in Hillsborough County, Florida, individuals often find themselves grappling with a whirlwind of emotions – fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. This daunting experience can be especially overwhelming, given the complexities and potential consequences that lie ahead. In such a critical juncture, the importance of seeking professional legal guidance cannot be overstated.

Hillsborough County, with its intricate legal landscape, mandates that individuals facing DUI charges have a knowledgeable ally by their side. Fortunately, one of the most seasoned and accomplished DUI attorneys in the region, W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr., is available to provide invaluable assistance and support throughout the entire legal process.

Casey Ebsary brings not only a wealth of legal expertise but also a deep understanding of the specific legal intricacies in Florida, especially those pertaining to DUI cases. His extensive experience and unwavering commitment to defending his clients’ rights make him a trusted figure in the field.

With Casey by your side, you can expect personalized guidance tailored to your unique circumstances. He recognizes the multifaceted challenges you face and works diligently to navigate the legal labyrinth on your behalf. Casey’s goal is to alleviate your burden and guide you toward the best possible resolution for your DUI case in Hillsborough County.

In this challenging journey, rest assured that you are not alone. Casey Ebsary and his dedicated team are here to provide the expert legal counsel and unwavering support you need during this difficult time. With their assistance, you can confidently take each step forward, knowing that you have a proven advocate in your corner, ready to protect your rights and advocate for your future.

Regaining Your Driving Privileges

After a DUI arrest, one of your primary concerns may be how to regain your freedom to drive. W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr. recognizes the importance of this issue and will make it a top priority in your defense strategy. To achieve this, the first step is to navigate the intricate rules outlined in Florida’s Administrative Code and the Florida Statutes.

After you get in trouble for driving after drinking too much, one of the big worries you might have is how to be allowed to drive again. W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr. knows that this is super important, and he’ll work really hard to help you with this. It’s one of the first things he’ll focus on when he’s helping you with your problem.

To make this happen, the first thing he’ll do is figure out the complicated rules written in something called the Florida Administrative Code and the Florida Statutes. These are like rule books that tell everyone how things should work when it comes to driving and drinking too much. Casey will study these rules really carefully to find a way to help you get back on the road.

Casey is like a friendly guide who knows all the twists and turns in these rules. He will personally help you through all the steps to make sure you can drive again as soon as possible. You can feel safe knowing that he’s done this many times before and is really good at it.

So, if you’re worried about how to drive again after a DUI arrest, Casey Ebsary is the person you want by your side. He will do his best to make sure you’re back behind the wheel as soon as it’s safe.

‘Casey’ will personally guide you through all the necessary procedures

‘Casey’ will personally guide you through all the necessary procedures to expedite the restoration of your driving privileges. You can relax, knowing that you’re in the capable hands of an attorney who has successfully handled numerous cases similar to yours. Casey’s experience and knowledge of the legal intricacies will ensure that you’re back on the road as soon as possible.

Building a Strong Defense Team and Resolving Your DUI Case

Join Our Team for a Strong Defense

To secure your best possible outcome after a DUI arrest in Hillsborough County, Florida, you need an experienced and dedicated attorney by your side. W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr. and his legal team are ready to fight for your rights and provide the guidance you need during this challenging time.

Don’t hesitate to seek the help you deserve. Contact W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr. today at (813) 222-2220 to schedule a free telephone consultation. By joining our team, you’re taking a significant step toward protecting your future and securing the best possible resolution for your DUI case in Hillsborough County.

Feel free to reach out to us – you deserve the help you need! Contact W.F. ‘Casey’ Ebsary Jr. today at (813) 222-2220 to set up a free telephone consultation. By becoming a part of our team, you’re making a big move towards safeguarding your future and securing the best possible solution for your DUI case in Hillsborough County. Don’t wait; call us now!