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DUI Traffic Stop – Case Closed

Unraveling the Legal Threads

DUI Traffic Stop
DUI Traffic Stop – Targeting Drivers to Enforce Laws and Arrest Offenders

Here is a case summary about a DUI traffic stop where the case was dropped after Constitutional and Statutory Rights were violated. This is an  in-depth exploration of a legal case that unfolded in the State of Florida, where the pursuit of justice collided with constitutional rights. In the matter , the defendant sought to challenge the legality of a DUI traffic stop, unearthing a complex web of issues that question the foundations of law enforcement actions.

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Case Overview

The Players Involved in DUI Traffic Stop

In the legal arena of the County Court,  the DUI Traffic Stop stage was set for a confrontation between the State and the DUI defendant. The case, identified by the online reference FLWSUPP 2908CRAW, delved into the nuances of criminal law, specifically focusing on charges of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Refusal to Submit to Testing.

The Allegations

The defendant, mounted a defense asserting that the arresting deputy lacked probable cause for the traffic stop that led to his subsequent arrest. The crux of the matter revolved around the deputy’s claim of an obscured tag, a violation of Florida Statute 316.605(1).

The Court’s Investigation

Testimonies and Findings about the DUI Traffic Stop

A County Court Judge, considered the evidence presented. The arresting officer testified that he initiated the traffic stop due to an alleged obscured tag and the knowledge that the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license. However, the driver contested the validity of the traffic stop, challenging the deputy’s observations and the subsequent events.

Video Evidence

Central to the court’s investigation was the AXON body camera video worn by the Deputy during the traffic stop. The video provided a visual narrative of the events, from the initial encounter to the arrest. This visual documentation became a critical component in evaluating the deputy’s actions and the defendant’s responses.

Legal Findings

Tag Obscuration

While the Deputy asserted that the tag was obscured, the court analyzed Florida Statute 316.605(1), which mandates that all elements of a license plate must be clearly visible. The court found that the alphanumeric portion and the registration sticker were unobscured, leading to the conclusion that the traffic stop based on an obscured tag lacked probable cause.

Validity of the Traffic Stop

Notwithstanding the tag issue, the court acknowledged that the traffic stop could be considered lawful based on the knowledge that the registered owner’s driver’s license was suspended. This legal precedent aligned with previous caselaw.

Deputy’s Testimony and Credibility

The court scrutinized law enforcement’s testimony, emphasizing the contradictions between his verbal account and the AXON video recording. The discrepancies raised questions about the reliability of the deputy’s observations, particularly concerning indicators of impairment.

Unraveling the Field Sobriety Exercises

Lack of Advisement

The arresting officer’s failure to inform the suspect about the potential consequences of refusing field sobriety exercises became a pivotal point of contention. The court underscored the importance of advisements. The absence of such advisements rendered the defendant’s refusal less probative of guilt.

Suppression of Evidence

Considering the totality of the circumstances, the court ruled in favor of the driver. The Motion to Suppress was granted, leading to the exclusion of evidence obtained after the defendant was informed of the DUI investigation.


In the intricate legal dance between the prosecutor, the police, and the defendant driver, the court’s scrutiny of the traffic stop’s legality unfolded as a critical narrative. This case sheds light on the delicate balance between law enforcement actions, constitutional protections, and the integrity of evidence. As the legal system navigates such complexities, the quest for justice remains an ongoing journey, where each case adds another layer to the evolving tapestry of legal precedent.

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Source: STATE OF FLORIDA, v. TC, Defendant. County Court, 7th Judicial Circuit in and for Flagler County. Online Reference: FLWSUPP 2908CRAW