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DUI Arrest Award – 100 DUI Arrests Each in Pasco County

Shane Metzler, Robert Monsegur, Adam Cinelli, Arrest Contest, DUI Arrest Contests, Pasco County, Pasco, Florida
100 DUI Arrests Each in
Pasco County
Pasco DUI Attorneys  remain concerned about sparsely populated Pasco County, Florida that consistently wins “awards” for huge numbers of DUI arrests. One recent report stated: “Deputies Shane Metzler, 31, Robert Monsegur, 42 and Adam Cinelli, 30, received a Meritorious Service Award for Accomplishment for making more than 100 DUI arrests in Pasco.”
These awards encourage arrests and are unique to the crime of DUI. The awards do not seem to account for numbers of wrongly accused citizens who may be ultimately cleared of these charges. We are reviewing one case where the suspect took a breath test with a .000 result and there were no indications of illegal drug test results.