Review Casey Ebsary Calm and Collected

M.B. “Calm and Collected” [sic]

A friend of mine got a DUI in Tampa Florida not too long and hired the law office of Casey Ebsary. Upon hearing his story he sounded really scared and nervous as to what was going to happen throughout the whole process. I remember him telling me the best qualities of Casey was the ability to keep him calm and collective and his reassurance that things would work out just fine.
Another thing he mentioned that he would fight for his rights and give him the best results that he could ask for considering the potential severity of a DUI. He did not have to attend many of the hearings as Casey handled most of them and that gave him relief as he worked full time and had a family to take care of. On the last day of court Casey was able to get the DUI dropped and I can’t tell you the relief that my friend had, because i was there to witness it He could not stop praising him and how he handled the whole entire process that went on for nearly one year. It was definitely a very unpleasant experience for him but in the end he found a very prestigious law practice firm in WF Casey Ebsary who fought all the way for his rights and the outcome was exactly as they planned it to be.