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Casey is the RIGHT attorney. After talking with several friends of mine who are in law enforcement, I clearly chose the right guy. I’ve come to realize that no one else would (more…)

Anonymous “The RIGHT Attorney”

The first thing that impressed me about Casey (Mr. Ebsary) was that he answers his own phone calls. He is very friendly and very professional. He knows the law and how to use (more…)

Anonymous “He Knows The Law And How To Use It To Your Advantage”

A friend of mine got a DUI in Tampa Florida not too long and hired the law office of Casey Ebsary. Upon hearing his story he sounded really scared and nervous as to what (more…)

M.B. “Calm and Collected” [sic]

Casey’s strong arguments during the hearing made all the difference and all three of my charges were dismissed. Casey is not only a very gifted lawyer but is also clearly in the


C.B. “All Three … Charges … Dismissed”