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Pasco DUI Cop | Arrest Contest Winner

Pasco is Worst County For DUI
DUI Defense Attorney notes that Pasco DUI cops are continuing their efforts to win DUI arrest contests. Florida Highway Patrol spokesman for the highway patrol’s Tampa Bay area troop says, “Pasco County does not necessarily have a higher number of DUI drivers, but more are arrested in Pasco County . . . .” We have noticed an extraordinary number of DUI arrests in Pasco County. Trooper Ron Evans is a winning contestant in this rather serious game. We ask how can a small Florida county “win” this contest repeatedly?

One media source reports,”troopers made 942 DUI arrests in Pasco, compared to 294 in Hillsborough County.” The report also noted, “While Evans was a finalist for the award in 2010 he was bested by Trooper Michael Hollis, Jr. who also works in the Land O’ Lakes area, with 203 DUI arrests in 2009. In 2008, their colleague Terry Goswick Jr. captured the award with 190 arrests in 2009.”

“For four years in a row, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper working in Land O’ Lakes area has made the most driving under the influence arrests for the agency in the state.” Notably, the Highway Patrol has not done a press release about how many of those arrests are ultimately thrown out of court.
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Source: http://landolakes.patch.com/articles/land-o-lakes-trooper-honored-for-dui-arrests