322.21(9)(a), 322.2615(1), 322.271, Blood or Urine Test, Bureau of Administrative Reviews, business purposes only, DUBAL, HSMV 72034, refusal

Florida DUI – Request For Eligibility Review – Business Purposes Only

Business Purposes Only, Department Of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles Bureau Of Administrative Reviews, Bureau Of Administrative Reviews, DUI Suspension, HSMV 72034, 322.271, 322.2615(1), 322.21(9)(a), Driving with an Unlawful Breath-Alcohol, DUBAL , Refusal to Submit to a Breath, Blood or Urine Test, Refusal, dui refusal,
DUI Request For
Eligibility Review
Business Purposes Only
DUI Defendants now have another confusing decision to make. The State Of Florida Department Of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles Bureau Of Administrative Reviews now allows a Request For Eligibility Review . The program is limited and there are a few drawbacks.
Using this form (HSMV 72034) the DUI Suspension can be limited, but not avoided. Waiver of the suspension hearing, results in the automatic entry on your permanent driving record. The entry will indicate an alcohol related traffic suspension for either refusing to take a breath test or a breath test result over .08. 
Nevertheless you or your lawyers can request a review of your  record for the purpose of reviewing and determining eligibility for immediate reinstatement of your  driving privilege on a restricted  basis as provided in section 322.2615(1)(b)3, Florida Statutes. 
The driver must  understand the restriction is for Business Purposes Only as defined in section 322.271, Florida Statutes and the driver must pay a $25.00 filing fee for this review,  pursuant to section 322.21(9)(a). The driver must also pay a reinstatement fee of around $200.00 to get the restricted license.
The driver must understand that the restricted license will be for the duration of the suspension period imposed under section 322.2615, Florida Statutes, as follows: 
Driving with an Unlawful Breath-Alcohol or Blood-Alcohol Level = 6 months suspension 
Refusal to Submit to a Breath, Blood or Urine Test = 1 year suspension 
Reinstatement of the driving privilege on a restricted basis as set forth herein is conditioned on statutory eligibility requirements, including but not limited to enrollment in DUI School. A driver must also understand that acceptance of the reinstated driving privilege as provided in section 322.271(7) Florida Statutes, is deemed a waiver of my right to formal and informal review under section 322.2615, Florida  Statutes. 
The Form, HSMV 72034 (0512013)  is available by email upon request from our office.