What are some important rules at the DUI Program?

DUI Schools Consequence
DUI Schools Consequence

Tampa’s DUI Counterattack program which is the official DUI school in Hillsborough County, Florida emphasizes a few important rules. The program requires abstinence from alcohol and drugs during registration, classes, and evaluation sessions. Students who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs for registration, class, and evaluation sessions will be dismissed and charged the full fee for the program when they try to reschedule for the evaluation and or the class. Completion of the DUI program is required to keep any temporary Business Purposes Only driving privileges.

The school requires appropriate behavior in a tire at all times. Again, violation of that rule results in dismissal from registration, the evaluation, or class. If you are dismissed from the program the DUI school reports to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles that such a violation occurred and it is likely any temporary driving permit will be revoked.

There are many federal privacy rules at play when it comes to contacting the DUI school. The DUI school notes that Federal confidentiality regulations demand that only limited information of a general nature may be given on the telephone by the DUI school staff.