DUI School, DUI School Level Two

What Is the Difference Between DUI School Level One and Two?

What Is the Difference 

Between DUI School 
Level One and Two?

Florida Licensed DUI Programs
The Bureau of Driver Education and DUI Programs provides the oversight for 26 licensed programs. The Bureau administers Rule 15A-10, F.A.C., including instructor certification and training, investigating complaints, processing client appeals, conducting site visits, maintaining quality assurance, coordinating trust fund, and evaluating programs’ effectiveness. 
The DUI programs are private and professional non-profit organizations that are required to provide education, a psychosocial evaluation and treatment referral services to DUI offenders to satisfy judicial and driver licensing requirements. 

What Is the Difference Between DUI School Level One and Two?

DUI School Level One

Two educational services are offered – Level I for first-time offenders and Level II for multiple offenders. The Level I course is to be a minimum of 12 hours of classroom instruction and incorporates didactic and interactive educational techniques. 

DUI School Level Two

The Level II course is a minimum of 21 hours of classroom time using primarily interactive educational techniques in a group setting. The average class size is not to exceed 15 students for Level II. This course focuses on the problems of the repeat offender and treatment readiness as the majority of students are referred to treatment. In no case is placement in Level II used in lieu of treatment.