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Three DUI Charges In Three Weeks – Video

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DUI and Drugs
Tampa DUI Attorney notes that this young lady has DUI charges involving drugs. We have written about this topic here: Tampa DUI Lawyer on Defending DUI Charges Based Upon Drug Usage. The short answer to the question: How do you defend a Driving Under the Influence case where drugs are blamed? Usually, the State’s toxicologist can only testify that while the presence of a controlled substance was detected in the urine sample, it is impossible to determine based on this method of testing whether a driver was actually feeling the effects of that substance at the time he was operating the vehicle. Usually, the State’s expert witness will also have to admit that such uncertainty is due to the length of time that it takes for most prescription and illegal drugs to be processed or “eliminated” from the human body.


Three DUIs in three weeks: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com


DUI and Drugs

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