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Tampa Palms DUI Traffic Stops

Traffic Stop
Running a Stop Sign
Tampa Palms DUI Defense Attorney spent one evening last year at a DUI checkpoint near Tampa Palms in Hillsborough County Florida. Video of that investigation of DUI Checkpoints is here. Tonight we spent time watching the Tampa Police Department bust drivers at various intersections near Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Unlike a DUI checkpoint where cops decide to stop a certain number vehicles with out cause, tonight we saw several patrol cars attempting to stop numerous vehicles for minor traffic infractions. 

Tampa Police Traffic Stop
Many of the seemingly innocent traffic stops lead to DUI investigations and possible arrests. The Tampa Police Department competes in DUI arrest contests sponsored by various law enforcement equipment manufacturers and the Mothers Against Drunk Driving. We have written about this several times in other articles on our DUI news website. No other crimes seemed to generate the desire on the part of law enforcement to win prizes for  arresting people. Here are a few of the photographs we recently took during the 30 to 60 minutes we were watching this operation by the Tampa Police who were possibly on the DUI squad

Traffic Control Device
Although Tampa Palms is in the Northern end of Hillsborough County, the City of Tampa’s city limits run throughout the Bruce B. Downs Boulevard area. Many of the citizens we represent are arrested on or near  Bruce B. Downs Blvd near zip code 33613 and Interstate 75. If you have been stopped and arrested for DUI or other criminal traffic offenses in the Tampa Palms area, you need to look no further for an experienced criminal defense attorney to help. 

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Three Tampa Police Department Patrol Cars versus one Driver
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