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Tampa Florida DUI Arrest Contests Continue

DUI Attorney, Arrest Contest, DUI Arrest Contests, DUI Contests, DUI Lawyer, Florida Highway Patrol, FHP

DUI Attorneys continue to be amazed at the contests that Florida DUI cops and probably police forces across the nation seem to have participated in. Here is the latest round, “Trooper Anthony Palese of Tampa has been named the Florida Highway Patrol’s 2013 Hurd-Smith Award winner. The award, given to the FHP trooper with the most Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrests in a single year . . . .”

The press release continues, “Trooper Palese was honored during a Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) Law Enforcement Recognition ceremony in Tampa Friday. FHP has been recognizing troopers with the award for 16 years at the annual MADD event.”

Other 2012 award winners in this game of who can get 100 arrests each year were:

• Trooper Jose Ramirez (2012 Hurd-Smith winner), Orlando District
• Trooper William Breen, Ft. Myers District
• Trooper Deborah Hawkins, Orlando District
• Trooper Melvin Arthur, Venice District
• Trooper Gabriel Keyes, Orlando District
• Trooper Niles Daughtry, Pensacola District
• Trooper Mark Castleberry, Orlando District
• Trooper Joshua Evans, Orlando District
• Trooper Greg Healy, Jacksonville District
• Trooper Charles Alexander, Pensacola District

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