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Tampa DUI Checkpoint Roadblock Police Manual

Tampa DUI Checkpoint Roadblock Police Manual, checkpoint, roadblock, TPD, dui checkpoint,
Tampa DUI Checkpoint
Roadblock Police Manual
I. DISCUSSION: Officers may occasionally use a motor vehicle checkpoint, commonly referred to as a roadblock, as a lawful means of traffic law enforcement. Checkpoints must be carefully organized and implemented to ensure the safety of citizens and officers and to ensure compliance with requirements of the law.
II. DEFINITION: Checkpoint or Roadblock: The systematic brief stopping of motor vehicles at a designated location for the purpose of determining compliance with traffic, licensing, and registration laws.
A. The implementation of a motor vehicle checkpoint shall be conducted only with the approval of the appropriate district major.
B. Written guidelines shall be prepared for each operation and will serve as directions to all participating personnel. Significant deviations from the guidelines will not be made absent compelling circumstances and supervisory approval. The guidelines shall include the following:
1. The location of the checkpoint;
2. The time of commencement and duration of the checkpoint;
3. Vehicle selection criteria, (i.e., every vehicle, every fifth vehicle). The selection criteria shall not be discretionary or random;
4. The number of personnel required and the specific duty assignments of each;
5. Specific plans to remove detained vehicles from the roadway for ticketing or additional investigation; and
6. The anticipated duration of a selected vehicle stop, based on the operational guidelines (assuming no enforcement action required).
C. Only uniformed officers shall be utilized at checkpoints to make the actual vehicular stop.
D. Consideration shall be given to ensuring the safety of officers and citizens as well as to ensuring a minimum of inconvenience to momentarily detained citizens.
E. If reasonable suspicion arises with respect to a particular vehicle, that vehicle may be stopped despite the selection criteria established in the written guideline.