DUI Forms for Bureau of Administrative Reviews

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Forms, forms, and more forms for DUIs from the
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

We have all of the forms to reinstate your driver’s license after a DUI suspension. The first form is an application to obtain a hardship license HSMV 78306. Second, we have the application for formal/informal review of a driver’s license suspension or disqualification HSMV 78065. Finally, we have the form for Request of eligibility review HSMV 72034.

3 Most Important DHSMV Forms

Keeping track of all the latest DUI forms at the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles can be a tough task. While the department has numerous forms, we have found the three most important forms that drivers need to use to get back on the road legally.

Florida DHSMV 3 Most Important Forms

Application for a Florida Hardship License – HSMV 78306

The first form is number 78306. That form is the basic application for a hardship driver’s license. It is important to note that knowingly making a false statement or concealing facts may result in denial of the hardship license.

Fill-in Form, Pay Fees, Schedule Hearing

The driver or potential driver needs to go to a local Bureau of administrative reviews office to apply for a hearing with the completed form. Schedule the hardship hearing and pay $12 fee. Schedule an administrative review hearing and pay a $25 fee.

Driver Education Or Substance Abuse Course

Florida law requires that anyone who requests such a hearing for early reinstatement of a driver’s license must either enroll in or complete the appropriate driver education or substance abuse course. It is usually a good idea to stop by the closest office and make sure you have completed all of these requirements.

Another important thing to remember is that the completion of the driver improvement for DUI school certificate must be presented at the time of the hearing. Sometimes it is only required to provide proof of enrolling in classes. However, if the school is not completed upon proof of enrollment within 90 days the hardship license will be suspended.

Finally, it is possible to have a telephone hearing and that option can be decided by the hearing officer. Call the nearest Bureau of administrative reviews office to see if you are eligible for a telephone hearing. Sometimes it is very tough to reach them by phone.

Application for a Florida DHSMV Hardship Driver's License Form

Application For Formal/Informal Review Of A Driver’s License Suspension or Disqualification HSMV 78065

The next form, number 78065 is the form that must be completed when a driver’s license has been suspended for either blowing over a .08 or upon refusal to submit to a chemical test. The form must be submitted along with a legible copy of the DUI citation which also serves as a notice of suspension. If you wish to request a formal or informal review the form must be submitted along with a $25 filing fee it is best to do this in person.

Importance of Hearings

Many citations contain the address where you must appear to request that hearing. Requesting a formal or informal review of a driver’s license suspension will result in the issuance of a 42-day permit. If the hearing is lost or the driver or his attorney misses the hearing, the driver will not be able to drive legally on the 43rd day. Election to proceed with the hearing is an important decision and to win, a lawyer is a helpful ally. You cannot change your mind after electing this option.

Florida DHSMV Formal Review Driver's License Suspension or Disqualification Forms

Request for Eligibility Review – HSMV 72034

First-time DUI defendants often can use this to get back on the road and for the most part. When a driver uses this form there is a waiver of a hearing. A permanent record of the alcohol or drug-related incident will be made on the driver’s record. The driver can drive under a hardship license for business purposes. You cannot change your mind after electing this option. Unlike the hearing to challenge the DUI suspension, this hearing determines only if the driver is eligible for a hardship license. There is a strict 10-day limit to obtain this permit. Again, a competent DUI lawyer can help the driver prepare for this hearing. Success at this hearing will allow a driver to continue to drive for business purposes no matter what happens in the criminal case.

Restricted License

A driver’s license hearing officer will determine if the driver is eligible for immediate reinstatement of their driving privilege on a restricted basis under Florida statute 322.2615. Florida statute section 322.271 states a restricted license only allows necessary driving. This includes driving to and from work, necessary on-the-job driving, driving for educational purposes, driving for church and for medical purposes. There is a $25 filing fee to proceed with an eligibility review.

Only 10 Days

The driver must request this eligibility review within 10 days of a DUI arrest. To obtain this eligibility and the permit the driver must provide proof of enrollment in the DUI school. The driver must also have a legible copy of the DUI citation. The penalty for driving with an unlawful breath alcohol or blood alcohol level is 6 months for a first-time offender. Only first timers are eligible for this type of permit. The penalty for refusal to submit to a breath blood or urine test is one-year. Again only first-timers are eligible here.

Waving Rights To Review

Statutory eligibility requirements including completion of the DUI school determine the reinstatement of a driver’s license on a restricted basis. When a driver proceeds under this provision of the Florida Statutes, they are accepting the reinstated driver’s license under 322.271. This waves any right to a formal or informal review under Florida statute 322.2615. This results in a permanent entry on the driving record of this alcohol-related incident. This is an important decision and an Attorney may help choose the best course.

Florida DHSMV Request for Eligibility Review Form