pink license plates. dui

Pink plates for DUI’s in Florida?

We have seen numerous legislative efforts to punish for Driving Under the Influence. Here is another approach. “A state senator wants bright pink license plates on vehicles driven by convicted drunk drivers with limited driving privileges. Republican senator Mike Fasano of New Port Richey filed a bill earlier this month that requires the first three characters on the plate to read ‘D-U-I.’ Fasano says this might embarrass people and make them think twice about drinking and driving. “

One citizen has noted, “Pink DUI license plates are a joke because there are so many people committing various crimes. Why not have shades of every color for every crime? Law enforcement will need a score sheet to keep track. Unless all convicted lawbreakers get a special license plate, I will vote against any politician who favors this ridiculous proposed law. Should people who have been convicted of various crimes have a different license plate for each of their crimes? They might need a billboard. And don’t forget to pick on the smokers. They should have special license plates, too, according to the brand they smoke.” Barbara M. – Largo

Another citizen commented, “I support state Sen. Mike Fasano’s effort to help with impaired drivers. I like the pink plates idea, but to really make these drivers visible in traffic, I suggest we paint the whole vehicle pink. Enough said.” C.G. Zephyrhills