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Pinellas DUI Attorney, Lawyer Casey Ebsary 813-222-2220 is now in the process of publishing our entire Pinellas DUI Lawyer video library in HTML 5 / iFrame format so all of our viewers can see the short films on their iPhones and iPads.


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Pinellas DUI  Lawyer Video for iPhone

News and Information About D U I Law Enforcement

“Pinellas DUI Lawyer notes, “The Florida Highway Patrol’s Pinellas Park District [conducts] intensified DUI enforcement … along U.S. 19 from Park Boulevard north to the Pasco County Line. Utilizing additional troopers they specifically target impaired drivers from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.. Pinellas D U I Lawyer and an Attorney notes an intensified effort on US Highway 19 in Pinellas County North to the Pasco County line. 
If you, a friend, or a loved needs a DUI Defense Attorney Pinellas County, Florida, Casey Ebsary is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer who can help . Casey is experienced in handling Pinellas DUI cases near the Pinellas County, Florida courthouses. Casey also has a Pinellas DUI resource here.

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Pinellas D U I Lawyer Casey Ebsary 813-222-2220 is also in the process of publishing our entire video library in HTML 5 / iFrame format so all of our viewers can see the short films on their iPhones and iPads. Enjoy. The video channels are here:

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More Detailed Information on Local D U I Checkpoints 

According to sources, The Florida Highway Patrol charged seven drivers with DUI during a recent operation. Other drivers received citations or arrests. The checkpoint was located on U.S. Highway 19 at Mainlands Boulevard. The next night, DUI Wolfpack officers on operated on Interstate 275 between the Howard Frankland Bridge and 58th Avenue North and along Gandy Boulevard between the Gandy Bridge and 66th Street. Here are the results.
Pinellas DUI Arrests by the Numbers
The Tally on Night One:
* Five felony arrests 
* 3 DUI arrests
* 38 citations
* 17 misdemeanor arrests
The Tally on Night Two:
* 89 other citations
* 4 DUI arrests
* 2 DWLSR (driving while license suspended or revoked) arrests
The operation included officers from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), and the St. Pete Beach, Largo, and Pinellas Park Police Departments.

Even More Information About Local Law Enforcement 

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Bad Cops in Pinellas County, Florida

Pinellas DUI Attorney found that two Pinellas County deputies were suspended after making a false arrest report, according to an internal affairs investigation and the St Pete Times. The DUI cops conducted a traffic stop that resulted in a DUI charge and a window tint infraction. In court, the cop gave testimony that contradicted his arrest report. Further investigation revealed that the cop searched the vehicle without gaining consent, even though a report said he had consent. 
In the same traffic stop, another Deputy made a false report. The internal affairs investigation says that cop lied in his report about reading the suspect his Miranda rights.

Tampa Bay DUI Officers Watch Bar Parking Lots
We recently got some interesting video of testimony from a top DUI Sargeant in Tampa Bay DUI law enforcement. He candidly admits the obvious – cops sit on bar parking lots. We have suspected this for years but, to his credit, the officer in the video tells us they watch parking lots, act on tips received by phone and other types of electronic messages. We have protected the identity of the officer and give him credit for testifying so candidly. Tips to watch locations come from Phone Calls from Bar Managers, letters, pictures he says, “I get all kinds of stuff.”

Assume this is the practice everywhere – Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough counties in Florida. One DUI attorney has said “as there was a basis for the traffic stop and probable cause for the arrest, how or why an officer got involved in a DUI stop is irrelevant.”

Pinellas DUI Mobile Video Unit

Florida DUI Attorney Lawyer Mobile Breath test Unit

Florida DUI Attorney has an exclusive photo of one of the tools used by a D U I Unit in Pinellas County. This St. Petersburg Police Department DUI vehicle was spotted at the County Courthouse. It is suspected that the unit is used in D U I wolfpack operations and at D U I checkpoints. The unit supports an intoxilyzer 8000 mobile tester and has powerful lights on the rear for making D U I videos during night time operations.
D U I  Video Policy
We just obtained a copy of the Standard Operating Procedures Manual that is in effect for D U I prosecutions by Florida Highway Patrol Troopers. We have seen several cases in a row in one Florida county where they can’t seem to find the video of our client’s case. Many of the missing video cases have happened in Pasco County, but the Policy is in effect statewide and should also cover other D U I cases. 
DUI Video Florida Policy Manual
Apparently, the video camera is activated when the emergency overhead lights come on and does not shut off until the traffic stop is completed. There are also detailed requirements and time periods for retention of videos. Read it for yourself at the link below.
Cop Awarded and Another Cop Chastised
One police Officer has been with Largo police for six years. He pulled over another cop for a tag light violation and was chewed out by that cop and another cop with another agency. He was named the department’s 2009 officer of the year for arresting nearly 150 impaired drivers during his work with the D U I unit that year. Both agencies are investigating the incident.

D U I Hot Spots in Nearby Florida Counties 

Pasco County Sheriff , Florida Highway Patrol, STEP, Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol Unit, DUI Checkpoints, Sobriety checkpoints, Interstate 75
Interstate 75
According to the one local Sheriff with the County Sheriff’s Office, they enforce DUI Laws, “[b]y using a data driven approach specific areas that have been identified as high crash locations are selected for saturation patrols which are also known as Wolf packs.” Pinellas D U I cops aggressively patrol these areas to locate and arrest impaired drivers. Wolf Pack operations may be conducted at any time or place with or without prior warning. We thought we would run down a list of the most frequent locations where we find DUI cases in Pinellas County, Florida. Interstate 75, US Highway 19, and The Suncoast Parkway State Road 589.
The Pinellas County Sheriff and the Florida Highway Patrol are the primary enforcers. The Sheriff in one nearby county noted, “The Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol Unit (S.T.E.P.) The S.T.E.P. Unit is part of the Traffic Enforcement Section of the Sheriff’s Office which also contains the Motor Unit. The S.T.E.P. Pinellas County uses deputies to actively enforce traffic laws in Pinellas County mainly during the nighttime hours which have a higher rate or alcohol and/or drug related crashes. The unit’s goal is to reduce the collisions involving alcohol and narcotics. The unit’s main function is the detection and apprehension of drivers who are suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. The cops in Pinellas County, Florida will frequently sign their names to DUI citations with a notation that they are “STEP” deputies (Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol Unit).
Pinellas County D U I Checkpoint
According to One Local Sheriff, Sheriff, “Sobriety checkpoints are an effective law enforcement tool involving the stopping of a specific sequence of vehicles, at a predetermined fixed location to detect impaired drivers. These operations not only serve as a specific deterrent by arresting impaired drivers who pass through the checkpoints, but more importantly, as a general deterrent to persons who have knowledge of the operation. Local law enforcement agencies and the Florida Highway Patrol participate in regular DUI Checkpoints.” Unfortunately for some drivers, who may not have had lawyers, their convictions may be on their record to this day.
Pasco County Sheriff , Florida Highway Patrol, Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol Unit, DUI Checkpoints, Interstate 75, US Highway 19, The Suncoast Parkway, SR 589, US 19
US Highway 19
Pasco County Sheriff , Florida Highway Patrol, Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol Unit, DUI Checkpoints, Interstate 75, US Highway 19, The Suncoast Parkway, SR 589
The Suncoast Parkway
State Road 589