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Pinellas DUI Checkpoint 3655 Tampa Road Oldsmar, Florida

dui pinellas, Pinellas Criminal Defense Attorney, Pinellas DUI  Attorney, Pinellas DUI  Lawyer, oldsmarPinellas DUI Attorney Lawyer has uncovered a DUI Checkpoint tonight in Oldsmar, Florida by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office .

The sobriety checkpoint is Friday, Sept. 28, 10 p.m.to Saturday, Sept. 29, at 3 a.m. The roadblock is at Lockheed Martin, 3655 Tampa Road in Oldsmar.

Busted in Oldsmar? Call 813-222-2220

Pinellas DUI Checkpoint results were: 

10 Subjects Arrested
16 Charges:
2 No Valid DL
1 Possession of Paraphernalia
2 Possession of Marijuana
1 Unlawful Possession of Firearm
1 Trafficking in Hydromorphone
1 Possession of Suboxone
1 Failure to Obey Lawful Command
16 Citations
11 Vehicles Impounded
2042 vehicles passed by with
483 vehicles diverted
Average Intrusion Time 1 minute 39 seconds

Pinellas DUI Attorney Lawyer

Here is a DUI Checkpoint Map: