Clearwater DUI Arrests, David Young, New Policy on Clearwater DUI Arrests, Sean Allaster, Sgt. Sean Allaster

New Policy on Clearwater DUI Arrests

Clearwater DUI Arrests, New Policy on Clearwater DUI Arrests, Sean Allaster , David Young , Sgt. Sean Allaster , Sgt. David Young .
Mandatory Field Sobriety Testing Imposed in Clearwater, Florida

Up until recently roadside field sobriety tests (FST) were given and usually “failed”) at the discretion of an officer. The DUI cops in this Florida town cut one of their own a break and gave him a ride home with no FST. The public found out and now almost everyone and suspects with a hint of alcohol on their breath can expect a run-around that almost always ends in arrest. 

Minor punishment for a few weeks for these cops. Major punishment for citizens for the citizens who are later cleared after “failing” these “tests” and later passing a breath test or are cleared by a jury. Here are some of the names reported to have been involved: Sgt. Sean Allaster and Sgt. David Young . Thank you for your service.

New Policy on Clearwater DUI Arrests

The Clearwater Police Department is now requiring every officer to conduct field sobriety tests if they suspect a driver is intoxicated. driver.