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How Much Does a DUI Cop Make?

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How Much Does a DUI Cop
Police Officer make?
DUI is big business in Tampa, Florida. Question: How Much Does a DUI Cop / Police Officer make? A recent investigation uncovered that the former head of the Tampa Police DUI Unit made $92,000-a-year. We have previously covered the activities of this City of Tampa profit center.

What happens to a Police Offer when a police department uncovers allegations of wrong? 

One report notes the D U I cop was “fired on Sept. 27 for lack of truthfulness, misuse of authority and failure to meet the department’s standards of conduct, professional responsibility and philosophy of enforcement.” Notably the video below talks about a case where, “Pinellas State Attorney Bernie McCabe later reviewed the case and dropped the charges after concluding [the case defendant] was set up.

Are you surprised to find out how much they pay a DUI cop. What do you think?

Here is video of his testimony in one of the last cases he handled.