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Hillsborough Criminal Defense Attorney Pay Fines Penalties

Hillsborough County Criminal Defense Attorney, W.F. ''Casey'' Ebsary, Jr.Hillsborough County Criminal Defense Attorney W.F. ”Casey” Ebsary, Jr. reports that there is a new program for people to pay court imposed fines from the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court. In C-Pay You are given 30 days from the offense date to pay your fine. If you need more time to pay your fine, you may ask for an additional 30 day extension from the Traffic Department at (813)-276-8200. If you do not pay your fine by that date, a request to suspend your Driver’s License will be transmitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you were assessed court costs, your payment due dates was given in court and is shown on the abstract. The abstract is the court record of activity in the courtroom kept by the Clerk of Court in the court file.

The C-Pay Office sets up payment plans for any type of fines, including Court costs. They need only the information regarding the money owed. If an individual wants to pay the full amount, he must go to the appropriate Clerk’s Office.

Here is a Quick Q & A on the Program: Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer – Fines Court Costs


Clerk of Circuit Court
Room 101, Windows 11 & 12
Edgecomb Courthouse
Tampa, FL 33602
276-8100 Ext 3896

Collections & Ticket Payments (Will not take cash)

276-8100 Ext 3896