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Florida Traffic Cameras in Legislature – Traffic Infraction Detectors

Florida Attorney
The Florida House and Senate will try to overrule a recent decision in Florida that outlawed use of red light traffic cameras. The proposed law provides in summary “for counties and  municipalities to enforce traffic control signals using traffic infraction detectors; requires reports from counties and  municipalities to department on use of traffic infraction detectors; provides for preexisting equipment. . . .” The Bill Is Titled “CS/HB 325 – Uniform Traffic Control” The Bill is so broad as to open the door for all types of robotic law enforcement on Florida’s roads. We especially note the use of the term “traffic infraction detectors.” The Bill also attempts to retroactively justify what the cities and counties and traffic camera manufacturers have done to avoid state traffic law limitations on these types of devices.

Voters Need to let their public officials know that generating revenue on the backs of drivers will not be supported at the ballot box.