Florida Highway Patrol

Florida Highway Patrol Commanding Officer Fired

Video – Florida Highway Patrol Commanding Officer Fired – in wake of court appearance in a fatal car crash where a trooper was cited for causing the accident. A woman’s family is upset because the citation was dismissed. The cop was accused of speeding in excess of 100 miles per hour according to this CBS News report. “McClellan — driving more than 100 miles an hour with his emergency lights off — rounded a curve and slammed into 51-year-old Michelle Campbell’s car. The crash killed Campbell and badly hurt her niece and granddaughter.” The “story is the latest black eye for Florida law enforcement. Last year, an investigation by the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel revealed that Florida police routinely break speeding laws, sometimes causing serious, even fatal accidents. Since 2004, speeding officers caused at least 320 accidents and 19 deaths across the state.”