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Florida DUI Traffic Stop By Firefighter Paramedic

DUI Traffic Stop Ambulance

Tampa DUI Defense Attorney has been researching the validity of DUI traffic stops in Driver’s License Suspension Hearings at the Bureau of Administrative Reviews (BAR). The DHSMV Bureau of Administrative Reviews tries to enforce license suspensions for Refusal to submit to breath tests. Sometimes it is possible to challenge the Lawfulness of a traffic stop.

The court considered investigatory stops by on-duty fire department personnel in a county fire rescue vehicle. A county firefighter had a paramedic passenger. They saw a car going eastbound, in westbound lanes, and running off the roadway. The court found this provided founded suspicion of medical emergency which justified an investigatory stop. The court approved detention of the driver until law enforcement officers arrived. The detention was lawful. Refusal to submit to breath test after being requested to do so by DUI officer was supported by competent and substantial evidence, so said the court.

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