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Florida DUI Cop Fired Then Arrested – Bogus Reports Alleged

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Florida DUI Cop Arrested for False Reports
Florida DUI cop fired by the Florida Highway Patrol after videos do not match what had been written in the officer’s arrest reports. Tampa DUI Defense Attorney notes that the cop was then arrested. Media reports, “This week, he was arrested and charged with perjury and official misconduct, both of which are felonies.” I really am glad this was finally handled. Fox News Reports and you decide:

Florida DUI Cop Arrested for False Reports

“Affidavits filed by the state claim more inconsistencies written by [the trooper] after a stop in February of this year, and also from a stop on St. Patrick’s Day. Dash cam video showed a young woman who appeared to follow all the trooper’s commands in a polite manner. She and her attorney also say [the trooper’s] paperwork and the video don’t match up. They are trying to get the case thrown out.”
 “[The trooper] was under fire following the DUI stop … last November along Interstate 75 near Venice. The case was eventually tossed out due to inconsistencies in [the trooper’s] report and what was seen in the dashcam video.”

False reports By Arresting Officer in DUI

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