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Florida Drivers are Targets in Law Enforcement Contests – DUI Arrest Quotas, Contests, and Prizes

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Worst DUI Award
A recent press release by a Florida DUI law enforcement agency noted a prize package worth $15,000 or the keys to a new car. These valuable items were on the line during a sponsored contest to see who was the best in the business in traffic law enforcement. Tampa DUI Attorney, Casey Ebsary has been studying these contests for years and this year’s disturbing update shows a continued trend.

“placing third, which equals $10,000 in money for the agency to spend” 

Cops are rewarded for traffic stops. Notwithstanding their constant denials that they have quotas. We have generally referred to these as DUI arrest contests. Feel free to use the search window on our website to review this sordid history.  We will cite all authorities so our DUI Defense Attorney readership can use them at their next jury trial, the next time these folks deny statistically driven, money-motivated, prize-seeking arrest decisions, give them with a healthy dose of the truth.

Law Enforcement Contests

Police are proud of these contests in their media campaigns, but are quick to deny before juries and judges. A recently uncovered memo from a Florida West coast law enforcement agency touted the number of arrest contest events, the number of arrests, and the completion of a project using “data-driven” statistics. Source:
One Florida Cop Shop has been awarded “1st place honors in a ‘DUI Challenge’ and a ‘Law Enforcement Challenge.’ ” The agency actually did a Press release, like a sports team announcing selection to the All Star game  or Home Run Derby that three cops had been given awards based upon the numbers of arrests each DUI cop had made. Source: Another cop shop “accepted the award at the DUI awards ceremony which was held in Orlando Florida.”Source:  
More about that big DUI party in Orlando in a minute .

DUI Awards | Cash and Car

DUI Law enforcement agencies are proudly posting their “accomplishments” in these arrest contests. One agency “will be entered to draw the winning key that starts a brand-new vehicle, among other prizes.” Source: The DUI cops proudly proclaim: “the agency will be awarded 10,000 “challenge points” for placing third, which equals $10,000 in money for the agency to spend on traffic safety related items (second place earns $12,000, and first place is $15,000). Source:
The State of Florida encourages law enforcement again this year by holding an Olympic-like contest in Orlando. A photo in the report had a cop on foot running behind a traffic patrol motorcycle. This contest kept statistics and awarded performance based on statistical analysis of annual numbers of traffic enforcement actions. They call it the Florida Law Enforcement Challenge. Prizes were awarded for “inventive approaches” to traffic law enforcement. One news source at a major Florida University described the contest as, “creating effective traffic programs that focus on increasing the safety of drivers in Florida. Tackling topics such as drunk driving and protect[ing] the drivers . . . ..” The incentive was an award worth $15,000.00. Source: 
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Win a New Car
“draw the winning key that starts a brand-new vehicle”

We just studied a case where “inventive” approaches were used to justify traffic stops that resulted in a felony arrest. The Florida Supreme Court will not tolerate these inventions. Source:  . However, by the time a citizen has been arrested, a booking photograph has been posted by the arrest contestants, and their insurance has skyrocketed during years of litigation, what is the true cost?

Traffic and DUI Cop Party Near Disney World
A big shindig was held in the resort-capital of the world, Orlando, Florida. The hotel and restaurants are nice. You can get a discounted rate of $125.00 per night if you shop around. Our family just spent the better part of a week there (at our and not the taxpayers’ expense). One sponsor is the Florida Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) Program. Their office is located in an office park in  Florida’s capital Tallahassee. That operation is funded by “the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). ” Source: . They have even posted a contest rewards catalog online. Source: 
Sales people blog about incentives, as for profit corporations are on the bandwagon at a reception for cops at the Convention near Disney World. Source:  Meanwhile, collectively consider the agencies who participate in these profitable and rewarding misadventures as this year’s the nominees for worsts.