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DUI Deputy Busts Football Player | Case Dismissed | Worst DUI Award

Tampa DUI Attorney has been following the activities of Deputy Carl McCalla of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO). Deputy McCalla busted Mike Williams, a professional athlete, the suspect blew a BAC .065/.061, and then the urine test came back clean, according to court and jail records. So says The St Petersburg Times headline today:

DUI charge against Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Mike Williams dropped.

Deputy Wins Worst DUI Award

One can safely assume that the “thorough” investigation by the HCSO DUI unit got it dead wrong again.  Below are the charges they loaded on this fine, 23 year-old star. After months of embarrassing publicity, the guy has been cleared by my former colleagues at the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office. Deputy McCalla was previously featured on my site for his win in a big DUI Arrest contest, where deputies won awards for arrests (but not necessarily convictions), Check out that story here:

Here is our award – Our Opinion – Carl McCalla,  HCSO, today’s worst DUI in the World!

DUI In Car Video From Mike Williams’ Arrest | You Decide

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Hillsborough DUI Deputy Busts Football Player | Case Dropped

Statute Violated:     316089(1)     Severity:     INFRACTION
Statute Description:     FAIL TO DRV IN SINGLE LAN

Statute Violated:     316193(1)     Severity:     CRIMINAL
Statute Description:     DUI
Offense Date:     11/19/2010

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