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DUI Temple Terrace Florida Defense Attorney

“Affordable help in Temple Terrace, Florida from a Former DUI Prosecutor”

Temple Terrace, DUI
Affordable help in Temple Terrace, FL from a Former DUI Prosecutor

DUI Temple Terrace Florida Defense Attorney

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If you have been charged with or accused of DUI in this small Florida town, then you are not alone. With Hillsborough River flowing through this community, it is also possible to have a BUI – Boating Under the Influence charge. With sky-rocketing insurance premiums, loss of a driver’s license and possible jail time, you could use some help to fight back from a Former Temple Terrace, Florida DUI Prosecutor.

Temple Terrace DUI Officers sometimes use Unmarked Vehicles to Patrol the city. The Temple Terrace Police Department has a zero-tolerance DUI policy and aggressively enforces the state’s DUI traffic laws. You can review the police department’s activities here. The city is also known for an unruly strtch of roadway on 56th Street where there are nearly a dozen “no u-turn” signs.

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