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Bureau of Administrative Reviews Tampa

Bureau of Administrative
To Obtain a hardship license from the Bureau of Administrative Reviews Tampa, you must be eligible. You must show proof of enrollment in DUI School; the hard suspension must have expired, before you go to get the business purposes license.

Step One: Enroll in the DUI School and make sure you get proof of enrollment.

DUI Counterattack Hillsborough, Inc.
4711 North Hubert Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33684
Phone (813) 875-6201

Step Two: Take Proof of enrollment to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews.

Bureau of Administrative Reviews
2814 E. Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33610
Phone (813) 873-4830

Bring the proof of enrollment in the DUI School with you.

Hint: Do not drive to the Hearing. If you are seen getting out of your car alone, you probably will not be getting your hardship license. Call Casey, if you still need help. 813-222-2220.

Here is the Hardship Request Form for Free.