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Top Five List: DUI Law Enforcement Agencies in Pasco County

The article outlines the major law enforcement agencies and communities in Pasco County, Florida, focusing on the top five agencies.
If you or someone you know has been arrested by one of the law enforcement agencies in Pasco County, it’s crucial to take immediate steps to protect your rights.

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What happens to my driver’s license after a Pasco County DUI Arrest?

If you refuse to take a breath, blood, or urine test after being arrested for DUI, or if results of your breath test were .08% or above, your license will be suspended unless a written demand for an administrative hearing or a request for a permit is filed within 10 days after arrest. Call 813-222-2220 for help now.

DUI News Update from Pasco County, Florida

Video Florida Highway Patrol Arrest Contest

I continue to be concerned with the game that some police agencies have made out of DUI arrests. Cops in Pasco County Florida set out to break a record of some sort and informed the media that a DUI record was broken. The headline reads: “Trooper sets records for DUI arrests.”

As a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Pasco County, FL, I remain vigilant about the approach some police agencies take towards DUI arrests. In Pasco County, law enforcement seems focused on achieving record-breaking numbers, turning the serious matter of DUI arrests into a competitive game.

Media announcements proudly declare headlines like “Trooper sets records for DUI arrests,” showcasing a concerning emphasis on quantity rather than a nuanced understanding of each case. This approach raises questions about the prioritization of justice over accolades, potentially affecting the rights of individuals caught in the legal system.

My commitment is to ensure that individuals facing DUI charges receive fair and unbiased representation, countering the trend of sensationalized arrest statistics with a steadfast dedication to upholding the principles of justice in every case.

“The awards do not seem to account for numbers of wrongly accused citizens who may be ultimately cleared of these charges.” says Casey the Lawyer


Pasco Arrest Award – 100 DUI Arrests Each..

One recent report stated: “Deputies Shane Metzler, 31, Robert Monsegur, 42 and Adam Cinelli, 30, received a Meritorious Service Award for Accomplishment for making more than 100 DUI arrests in Pasco.”

Expressing ongoing apprehension for Pasco County, Florida, a region with a sparse population yet consistently garners “awards” for substantial arrest numbers is worrisome. A recent report highlighted Deputies Shane Metzler, Robert Monsegur, and Adam Cinelli, commended with a Meritorious Service Award for exceeding 100 DUI arrests in Pasco. While these accolades celebrate law enforcement accomplishments, they seemingly overlook the potential missteps in the pursuit of justice.

Notably, these awards solely focus on the quantity of arrests without addressing instances of wrongful accusations. In a specific case under review, a suspect registered a .000 result on a breath test with no indications of illegal drug use, emphasizing the need for a nuanced evaluation. This raises concerns about the impact of such accolades on individual rights and the integrity of the legal process. Contact Casey for dedicated legal support in Pasco County.

These awards encourage arrests and are unique to the crime. The awards do not seem to account for numbers of wrongly accused citizens who may be ultimately cleared of these charges. We are reviewing one case where the suspect took a breath test with a .000 result and there were no indications of illegal drug test results.

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Pasco Deputy Sheriff Arrested

I recently examined the case of a Deputy arrested for Driving under the Influence in Pasco County, Florida. To safeguard his innocence, we have omitted his name from this report. Following the routine determination that he failed roadside tests, he registered a breath alcohol level BELOW the legal limit upon arrest. The incident occurred minutes before midnight, as reported by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, when the Deputy turned onto State Road 52 from U.S. 19, nearly veering into oncoming traffic.

The documented symptoms align closely with those observed in various DUI cases I’ve handled in Pasco County. The report indicates the Deputy exhibited a “strong odor of alcohol” on his breath, “bloodshot and glassy” eyes, with a blood alcohol level of 0.072 and 0.067—just below the 0.08 legal threshold for impairment. Despite this, he failed field sobriety tests. Charged with DUI, the Deputy, employed at the jail since 2007, awaits resolution on unpaid leave.


A DUI Arrest Contest Winner

Law enforcement’s persistent pursuit of triumph in DUI arrest competitions continues, as highlighted by a Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson in the Tampa Bay area. Despite Pasco County not having a disproportionately higher number of drivers, it consistently “wins” these contests. The question arises: how does this small Florida county repeatedly secure victory?

According to one media source, troopers recorded 942 DUI arrests in Pasco, dwarfing the 294 in Hillsborough County. The competitive spirit is evident, with Trooper Michael Hollis, Jr. surpassing finalist Trooper Evans in 2010 and earning the award with 203 DUI arrests in 2009.

Additionally, colleague Terry Goswick Jr. secured the award in 2008 with 190 arrests in 2009. Remarkably, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper in the Land O’ Lakes area has topped the state in DUI arrests for four consecutive years.

However, the agency has not publicized the number of prosecutions dismissed or charges reduced.

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