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Florida DUI Arrest Contest Costs $1,720,000

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Give away $18,000
Cost citizens nearly $2,000,000.
9500 percent ROI. 

How to Win a DUI Arrest Contest

As a Georgia DUI Lawyer noted, when contests and quotas are in play, some police agencies keep their eyes on the prize. In that case , there is a civil rights lawsuit attacking quotas for DUI Arrests.

Florida DUI Arrest Contest – True Costs

Meanwhile, back in Florida, one small Florida town became the best losers by finishing second in the DUI Arrest Contest that is an ongoing competition to see who can make the most arrests and win cash and prizes. They won $18,000 for 86 arrests.


Let’s do the math (show your work) and find the actual cost to some Americans – $1,720,000.

86 Arrests x $5,000.00 Legal Fees =   $   430,000
86 Arrests x $2,500.00 Fines =  $   215,000

86 Arrests x $12,500 Insurance Increase = $1,075,000

Total Estimated Costs to Citizens =                  $1,720,000

Great return on investment.

Give away $18,000 and cost citizens nearly $2,000,000.
This is a 9500 percent return on investment ( ROI ).

By the way, the headline read, “Village police win $18,000 for DUI safety equipment.” The police in this town also train cops in the faux science of Drug Symptom Recognition. The chief of police sends his”Drug Recognition Enforcement (DRE) program officers to attend numerous DUI checkpoints and training to gain valuable experience.”  We have covered the fake science associated with Drug Recognition Experts and their creation by the DUI Industrial Complex here.

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