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DUI Arrest Contest Trophy?

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DUI Arrest Contest Trophy

Arrest Contests for DUI

DUI Attorney Lawyer  noticed this was parked outside of the Hillsborough County Courthouse in Tampa, Florida this morning. This is an outrageous scenario and there are few, if any, other crimes that give out trophies for arrests (not even requiring convictions). Ironically the Championship DUI vehicle was parked right outside of a County Courtroom where jurors were reporting for duty this morning.

Here are  some good jury questions:

Hey Champion, do you have to give back the SUV if we acquit this defendant for DUI?

How many people do you arrest for DUI to win an SUV?

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DUI Patrol Vehicle
Photo Credit: DUI Attorney Lawyer
Photo Credit: DUI Lawyer Attorney 
DUI Patrol Vehicle 
Photo Credit: DUI  Defense Attorney Lawyer
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