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Arrest Contests for DUI
Arrest Contests for DUI
DUI Defense Attorney Observes: As we continue to tally the awards given to police officers who arrest drivers, we felt this newsletter excerpt from the Tampa Police Department would continue to establish that enforcement of DUI has become a contest, where the prizes are awarded to the cops, and the criminal record is given to the drivers. We have yet to receive an answer to these questions “Do they have to give the award back, when someone is cleared of the charges after one of these arrests?” and “Who paid for the trip, hotel rooms, and travel expenses?”

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DUI Arrest Contest News

“[T]he State of Florida MADD Chapter hosted the 8th Annual MADD Awards in Tallahassee. Six members of the DUI Unit attended the banquet and accepted the awards. Officers were recognized for making over 100 individual DUI arrests. Sixteen members, past and present, were presented this award: Sgt. Doug Groves, Cpl. Edwin Bodamer, MPOs Kenny Setser, Steve Wilson, John Vallejo, Steve Buchanan, Brian Reschke, Dean Uno, Officers Ferdinand Barbosa, James Blanchard, Anthony Portman, Steven Cragg, Peter Bucher, Kristie Borgo, Joseph Sustek and Juan Melo. MADD also presented a “Century Achievers Award” for officers who have exceeded 1000 individual DUI arrests. Seven members of the DUI Unit were presented this award: MPOs Kenny Setser, Steve Wilson, John Vallejo Steve Buchanan, Officers James Blanchard, Anthony Portman and Juan Melo. Only 39 officers in Florida have achieved this milestone award. Cpl. Edwin Bodamer and MPO John Vallejo were given an award for the Zero Tolerance (underage drinking) citations issued in 2007. The Tampa DUI Unit continues to lead the DUI efforts in Florida and being recognized on this level by MADD.”

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