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Largo DUI Contest
DUI Arrest Contest

Largo DUI Contest

Largo DUI Cop wins money for Pinellas DUI Arrests. As Florida DUI Lawyer Attorney W.F. Casey Ebsary has previously reported, here, here, here, and  here, various organizations continue to pay awards for criminal charges of Driving Under the Influence. Officers Jorge Alameda and Anthony Citrano of the Largo Police Department were rewarded for their arrests at the Remove Intoxicated Drivers banquet.

Largo, Florida DUI Arrest

Notably, Alameda was the top DUI arresting officer in the county, with 148 DUI arrests. He got $500 for his efforts. Citrano had 101 arrests. No word on how many of these DUI charges resulted in convictions as charged. You can view our Largo DUI website here at DUILargo.com.

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